Why Liberty Vision?

Simple. Because you deserve an alternative to big cable.

LIBERTY VISION is arguably the best streaming device! And thus represents a true and affordable Alternative to Cable TV.
You say – whoa, how can you make such a claim?

  • Well, let’s put all wisecracking aside and let’s look into this statement. Yes, it is true that there are any number of Smart TV Boxes, Sticks, Dongles, Hulu’s, Slingshots, Apple TV’s and God only knows what else out there on the market and yes, most of these devices are black. But… that’s about where the similarities end and your confusion starts. And let’s face it, it is not much different from any other major consumer product, offered by lots of different manufacturers and all very similar. But there is one big difference: most of these products are offered by companies like Ford, GE, Sony, Dell etc., names you know and trust and even like to various degrees. But not so when it comes to Smart TV Boxes; speaking of, could you name one brand or perhaps would you have a customer service phone number handy, for any of these box vendors? Not very likely, with the exception of Apple perhaps. This is where LIBERTY VISION has an opportunity to shine. We are not a big company, but large enough to promise to answer all your inquiries by mail, phone or chat and we offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. And yes, we are an American company, founded by some guys that know what it means to fork over those Dollars to the cable companies, month after month!

This is the first reason why LIBERTY VISION is the best Media Center on the market; we have 6 more to go!

  • Liberty Vision focuses exclusively on offering the Best Viewing Experience at the Best Price. Notice the choice of words: “best price” for “best experience”. What that means is simply the total cost over the long run, taking into account the cost of the device, the absence or reduction of monthly fees and the quality and choices of streaming opportunities. Sure, there are cheaper boxes available on the market, but keep in mind that lower-end devices will not deliver the viewing experience you expect. Liberty Vision offers one device, carefully selected and it’s guaranteed to be Future Proof. “Future Proof” – now what does that mean? It simply guarantees that your box is made with the best components, based on the latest technology. And that includes the following:

Not to worry if this does not mean a whole lot to you! For you it simply means that LIBERTY VISION devices are state-of-the-art, unlike some other boxes, that are outdated before you plug them in for the first time.

  • This may seem trivial, but it is really not: All our devices have solid Aluminum housings, that stay cool as cucumber, even if you drive them – hard 24/7. Not so with the army of black boxes out there, 99% of them are made of plastic and yes, some of them help you cut down your heating bill in the winter. So – no worries with LIBERTY VISIONS’ devices; no melt-downs – guaranteed
  • While we are talking about hardware, we need to state that all LIBERTY VISION devises come equipped with foldable outside antennas. 90% of all media boxes run on Wi-Fi connections and not Ethernet. We could not in good conscience save a few dollars to eliminate a quality antenna, when we all know that flawless streaming is dependent on a good reception of your Wi-Fi signal. Not to have a good antenna is called ‘cutting corners’ where we come from.
  • The next important component for our leadership claim has to do with the User Interface and software we’re uploading onto our flagship model, the T1. This model provides you with a state-of-the-art viewer experience, direct access to your favorite channels and fast and reliable loading of content. LIBERTY VISION puts a lot of emphasis on this part of the product, because it’s vital to enhance the user’s experience. And yes, we mentioned User Interface, that is the area where you select your TV show, movie or News Channel, when you come home after work, and the last thing you need is complication.
  • What you can actually see on your box should probably be feature number one. So let’s spend a minute on this. We call it LibertyVUE™ and it is a Premium Channel Package that gives you easy access to over 250 channels in addition to all the rest of the streaming opportunities. These Premium Channels are professionally maintained, so they load easily and quickly – any time you want to view them. Just like good old Cable TV, just at a very different cost. Just exploring it will keep you busy for a while. It’s virtually impossible for you and your family not to find what you really like. When you buy a LIBERTY VISION Media Center Model T1, you get 12 months’ subscription of LibertyVUE™ included with your box. We are certain you will like the convenience of it and if you want to continue to use it in the future, you can find it in our product section. Enjoy!
  • And last, but not least we need to talk about LIBERTY VISION’s Remote Maintenance Feature (RMF). Yes, Smart TV Boxes need to be maintained on a regular basis, or else their performance will suffer and your viewing enjoyment will substantially decline. As you know, speed is important when it comes to streaming – junk files on your device will slow it down. No worries, all our devices will update automatically and prompt you when its time.

This sums up the 6 substantive reasons why LIBERTY VISION is a good choice, when you are getting ready to cut the cord. We make sure your Media choices undergo a dramatic upgrade after you separate from your Cable Company, without any surprises, but certainly more cash in your pocket.

And yes, talking about Cash – I don’t mean to harangue the issue, but to me it seems of importance to have or not have an extra $100 a month. And if you feel the same about this issue, please follow our tale on this and learn how to keep more cash in your pocket.








Stream what you want, not what your cable company is offering to you in the bundle you can afford.